Mayfair Hotel Bar

More than 10 years after completing the last project at the Mayfair Hotel Bar, I was fortunate enough to work once again on this fabulous site. We changed the colour of the previous front of bar feature and added a whole new feature behind the bar including a fading colour.Mayfair Bar AM 2Mayfair Bar 1Mayfair Bar 2 AM Alongside the bar features, we also created four curved glass screens that enclose special seating areas in front of the bar.

Mayfair Bar AM 3 Mayfair Bar AM 4b



Hong King Airport – Update December 2015

In December 2015, the installation of the back-lit glass panels we have produced for the Hong Kong Midfield Concourse Airport was completed. The project features two large paintings executed in glass, with one in the departures area and another in the arrivals area. The glass panels are made with a mixture of airbrushed enamels on slumped glass laminated to a second layer of finely detailed digital ceramic printed glass. 

These photographs of the features give a sense of the scale of the project in both the arrivals and departure areas.

Arrivals 10aArrivals 4 The red and orange based Arrivals panels create an image of the dynamism and energy of Hong Kong.  The predominantly blue Departures work is based on the idea of flight and air.Departures 17Departures 10