127 Charing Cross Road

Centrepoint 3 Centre Point 2

Today, I went to take pictures of the dichroic glass at 127 Charing Cross Road, to reassure a new client they do not degrade.  I ended up taking pictures of Centre Point reflected in the dichroic fins.  From one angle two building merges at ninety degrees, and then from a new angle it looks all mottled as if seen in a burning golden heat wave where the air is shimmering as it rises.

Charing Cross 4.14. 3 Charing cross 4.14. 2

In these pictures, just by moving a few feet the fins transform not only in colour but even in texture. There are so many things still to be done with this medium; much more subtle and sophisticated uses, where we add in fritted stripes to to the glass, so the effect is softened – or even make the dichroic stripes on each fin only a few centimetres wide so they become more of a geometric, rhythmic feature in the architecture.


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