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I often talk about all that things that can be done with facades.


Perhaps my favourite example of this is the Art Gallery in Guizou, where the entire fa?ade has been transformed into an image. It looks amazing from the interior at night and just as interesting during the day. You can see out, but your view is slightly veiled by the addition of a thin membrane between interior and exterior.


guizou - facades


The overall effect of this is not only that you are creating a powerful brand and statement for the building, but you are reducing the solar gain and the solar glare significantly. These are enormous benefits.

You may imagine that to make such a radical intervention into the appearance and performance of a building, will be a hugely expensive undertaking. But the additional cost of this unique and varied image, compared to simple plain repeated white dots, is almost negligible. It is the design of something like this that is not simple ? and there is a cost. And to sample the design and to ensure the result is correct is vital. It may need several attempts to get the perfect spacing and size of the dots. But to do this should not be costly.


facades - guizou


This is an endeavour for a bold architect and client, who have courage and a vision, and want to make a strong statement that will be a memorable feature of the landscape.


facades - guizou

facades - guizou

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