St Pancras Hotel, London NW1

Screen-printed glass panels

These two simple screens, each three metres tall, are in the Ticket Office Bar at the newly renovated St Pancras Hotel. The image is inspired by a rusted antique cast iron panel from the original interior. From some angles the panel is opaque and very three dimensional, but sometimes it seems unexpectedly transparent.





Beit-Salaheih Hotel
Aleppo, Syria

Enamel on glass



Raddison Edwardian Hotel
Heathrow, London

Illuminated glass columns and carved dichroic glass shells



St Pancras Hotel
London N1

Screen-printed glass panels

The Vineyard Hotel

All glass wine rack



Glass canopies

Screen-printed glass


Mayfair Hotel Bar
London W1

Curved slumped glass screens and borosilicate glass rods