The Vineyard Hotel, Newbury

All glass wine rack

An enormous pair of chilled glass wine storage racks created for The Vineyard Hotel outside Newbury. The owner and the staff take wine seriously and this is the place to be if you wish to taste the best. With red on one side and whites on the other, this four and a half metre long installation can hold well over a thousand bottles of wine. For each shelf we installed its own separate LED light strip. The result is well worth seeing.





Beit-Salaheih Hotel
Aleppo, Syria

Enamel on glass



Raddison Edwardian Hotel
Heathrow, London

Illuminated glass columns and carved dichroic glass shells



St Pancras Hotel
London N1

Screen-printed glass panels

The Vineyard Hotel

All glass wine rack



Glass canopies

Screen-printed glass


Mayfair Hotel Bar
London W1

Curved slumped glass screens and borosilicate glass rods