Lancelot Place, London, SW3

Glass monolith and glass walls using a range of techniques.


Working with the well-known glass artist Graham Jones, we created this public art in Knightsbridge. The work consists of a glass monolith that stands outside the building, with a 3m tall wall projecting though the exterior lobby. A lower wall then runs parallel to this, running deeper into the main reception lobby. These walls reveal dense, beautiful abstracted landscapes with texture on the glass, including more than 400 mouth-blown glass discs bonded in a gradated coloured grid, starting with reds and yellows and ending up with pale etched discs of a smoky white glass. The three metre tall glass structure emerges from the ground with the suggestion of trees and landscape and is visible from Brompton Road, especially at night. The entire work, internal and external is made with a mixture of transparent ceramics, acid etching and sandblasting with the added bonded on discs of coloured glass.



public art

Lancelot Place
Knightsbridge, London, SW3

Glass monolith and glass walls using a range of techniques.



John Lewis



Public Art
Bridlington Spa

External glass art screens with bespoke illuminating frit



127 Charing Cross Road
London, WC2

Thirty Dichroic glass fins



Chapter House
London, SW1

Screen-printed glass canopy


The Mall, Blackburn

Digitally printed glass and steel artwork



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