Bridlington Spa, Public Art

External glass art screens with bespoke illuminating frit


External glass art screens with bespoke illuminating frit
Andrew Moor Associates coordinated the eight external glass screens for this public space in Bridlington Spa. The images for the screens were created by the artist Kirsty Brooks, a public artist who works in hospitals, schools and commercial sites to create site specific and subtle images that reflect the history, culture and flavour of each environment. Each of the eight Bridlington screens shows a detail from the local environment, including the topography, the local industry and local landmarks.

The goal was to convert a small triangular area adjacent to the sea front into a venue for a range of events and performances in an outdoor setting. The panels are made up of two layers of glass laminated together with an image both inside and outside the laminate, creating an interesting kinetic experience for the viewer. The panels seem semi-transparent at times and opaque at others. One side is shiny and reflective, as one would expect of glass, the other is a matt etched surface. The panels have had a great response from local citizens and tourists, particularly the way in which they light up at night.



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Bridlington Spa

External glass art screens with bespoke illuminating frit



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