Carnaby Airfield Memorial, Yorks.

External glass art screens with bespoke illuminating frit


This public realm glass artwork was designed by the sculptor and painter Stephen Carvill.


We made and installed this cantilevered panel using very much the same techniques we used for a project in Bridlington some years ago.? The project lights up at night due to the special ceramic coating we have added to the rear surface.


The image memorialises a famous night of a bomber?s return to a nearby airbase where all members of the crew were rescued despite harrowing circumstances.


public realm


Hong Kong International Airport
arrivals & departures

Large scale back-lit glass artwork


Birmingham Children's Hospital

Transparent Enamels



Hornsby House Primary School

Transparent Enamels


Villa Astana Garden, Kazakhstan

Screen Printed and slumped glass garden feature

Carnaby Airfield Memorial